About Us

Who are we?

Ron Crider and Dr. Molly Snell-Crider. We have lived in Vero Beach since 1980. While living here in Vero Beach we have also owned homes in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Colorado where we operate similar websites. This website is  compiled by us and our associates. Yes, we are the judge and jury. We “generally” don’t write anything bad about any business. We do recommend all the businesses listed herein. Many of our associates dine out every night. They provide us with a great deal of intelligence. Our associates are essentially our undercover agents. They never tell any restaurant that they are our agents.dsc05400-2

As in any business, occasionally we may not be totally satisfied with an item we ordered. If it’s really not good we will bring it to the attention of our server. We suggest you do the same. I get so tired of hearing, “that was the worst meal I have ever had”. Wow! That must have been really rancid? One disturbing event does not make a business all bad.  However,”consistently” poor service, cold food, over-cooked meat, now that is the sign of an establishment moving in the wrong direction.

This website is designed to present only the best Vero Beach has to offer. The website is directed more to our potential, future and new residents  as well as visitors, than  to our locals. We locals  generally know what the best is. There are over 300 dining establishments here in Vero Beach. This site may never list  as many as 1/3 of them. We have sorted out the time proven best. We and our associates dine and shop frequently at all the establishments listed.

The star system: Here in Vero Beach a FiveStar rating indicates it is the best or one of the best in it’s class for Vero Beach. However, it should not be compared with the FiveStar restaurants in New York City.

This website is a constant work in progress. Our Facebook is generally updated more frequently. No Restaurant pays us for being listed or controls our content, however should we misrepresent something please let us know.

Thank you for visiting  Vero Beach FiveStar. We value your opinion. Please communicate with us.