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All the Restaurants in this Directory were visited by at least one of our Associates.

Ron Crider

Edward Merrill

I have been traveling the world for 65 years. I learned my restaurant skills from my association with Chef Pierre Wolfe. Pierre was an award-winning French Chef in Denver. Pierre was a legendary Restaurtantour in Colorado having owned numerous restaurants. I had the great fortune to be the Co-Host with Chef Pirre on America’s Dining and Travel Guide, a nationally Syndicated Radio Program for many years. 

Pierre and I traveled the world visiting wonderful places and interviewing great Chefs. We were frequent guests of the Aspen Food and Wine Festival as well as numerous other food events worldwide. 

Edward Merrill is an Award-Winning Interior Designer. In addition to his designing skills, he has an Escoffier Palate. Edward is an excellent cook and has traveled the world, dining in great Restaurants. 


Edward is a consummate Host. His friends press him into service to test their cooking and assist in making flavor adjustments.   

Chef Michael Glatz

Michael is an award-winning Chef who has owned and operated numerous restaurants in the US and Porta Rico. Chef Michael is also an excellent Broadcaster and writer.